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ALBIS PLASTIC expands its ALFATER XL® portfolio with a series of new polyamide adhesion modified TPV grades

12-10-2016, 00:00

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ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH is expanding its portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers by including polyamide adhesion modified ALFATERXL® compounds available in shore hardness A55, A70 and A85. 

ALFATERXL® is a blend of a polypropylene matrix with a finely dispersed, fully cross-linked EPDM phase and belongs to the group of thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs). The material is resistant to weather, ozone, aqueous solutions, acids and alkaline media, and can be used in a wide temperature range (-40 °C to +130 °C). As its natural appearance is very light, the material can be easily colored – even with bright colors. 

Numerous tests conducted together with the SKZ Würzburg have confirmed the excellent 2K adhesion to PA6 and PA66 of the new adhesion modified ALFATERXL® types. Peeling tests of ALFATERXL® with shore hardness A55 in accordance to VDI 2019 typically resulted in cohesive break of the ALFATERXL® TPV. This means that the adhesion to polyamide proved stronger than the inherent strength of the TPV. A further highlight is the good adhesion when using inserts (cold inlays). 

The new ALFATERXL® types are perfectly suited for the manufacture of 'hard-soft' components in various sectors, such as the automotive and electric / electronic industries. In the automotive segment, thanks to its high temperature resistance, the material is also suitable for use in under the hood applications – e.g. seals, covers and cable ducts. 

Given its low emission and low fogging properties the new ALFATERXL® series also meets the requirements for interior automotive parts and housing components. 

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